Afternoons with Trav

Afternoons with Trav

I'm a pretty easy guy to please. Music, sports, and the Food Network...that's all I need. Man, I could watch Diners, Drive-ins and Dives all night long.

I'm from Saskatchewan so when it comes to sports, I bleed green. Diehard fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders here and I've now been to 5 Grey Cups in a row (yup, including two Rider losses grrrr). I also love the fact that there's Pilsner on tap here in Red Deer. Awesome. Love the Oakland Raiders and New Jersey Devils too. Hit me up if you ever have a hockey pool or fantasy football draft going on as I'm always looking for more people to beat!

As for music, I LOVE Metallica. I also worship the ground that all the members of Black Sabbath walk on. When Sabbath got back together three years back they announced they'd be playing the Download Festival in the UK with Metallica playing the night before. Of course I went. Of course I missed my flight for the trip home....ask Jeff Murray about that one, haha!

I have a wife (that I love very much), a beard (that I love very much) and many stuffed puppies around the house because we don't have a place that allows pets. Hit me up on Twitter @TravisLee87 and I'll talk to you soon!

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